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Sell abandoned, wrecked, or burnt vehicles to Car Country Auto Wrecking just by dropping your old junker off at our salvage yard. Can't make the drive? No problem! Let Car Country Auto Wrecking haul it away for you by simply scheduling a pick up. Earn top dollar prices just by getting an old eyesore off your mind. No matter what it is or what condition it's in, you'll get a top-dollar price.

Turn that old headache in cold, hard cash

Big or small, we can handle it. Our flatbed can haul away vehicles up to 25 feet long!

Get money for:



-Motor Homes



-Farm Equipment

-Semi-Trailer Trucks

-And more!

Whatever you have, we'll take it!

Car Country Auto Wrecking is more than auto salvage. See what an enormous inventory of used auto parts can do for you! Quality used parts means you can spark new life into your vehicle for a fraction of the price. Have old scrap, appliances or electronics sitting around? Don't throw them out into the landfill! Drop them off to be recycled properly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

More than auto salvaging

Make a little money while getting rid of an old headache.


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